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Ever feel like you have “knots” in your neck or back?  This may be due to hyperirritable spots found in your skeletal muscles known as Trigger Points.  Oftentimes, you can feel tightened muscles under your skin that are tender or painful to touch. It can form in areas of muscles that are strained, injured, or tense and even affect other areas of muscles.  Any muscle can have one or more trigger points. Trigger point injections are also used to treat disorders such as fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, neck pain, and back pain.

We will inject medication into the painful areas to relax the muscle. Different types of medication are used and should be discussed with your physician.  Relaxation of the muscle can allow you to have better movement of the muscle, enabling you to strengthen the muscle through exercise.

What to Expect With Trigger Point Injections
Trigger point injections are a quick procedure that can be performed in the office and take less than 15 minutes to perform.  Several injections are generally needed for each muscle that is affected. The injections are given together, but may require more than one session for complete relief.  You can expect minimal discomfort at the injection site, with slight pressure as the medication is inserted into the muscle.

During The Procedure
You may be asked to sit in a chair or lie on an exam table, depending on the muscle that is affected.  Once you are in a comfortable position, your physician will feel the areas of tenderness or “knots”. When the exact areas of pain or tenderness are located, the skin is cleaned with disinfectant and injected with medication.  You should begin to feel immediate relief.

After The Procedure
You will be able to go home immediately after the procedure.  You will want to relax the rest of the day, being careful not to reinjure or strain the affected muscle.  You can expect some soreness at the injection site. Some people develop generalized soreness to the muscle for one to two days.  This is not uncommon. You may find that heat and ice relieve the soreness. You can return to work the following day after treatment.

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