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SI (sacroiliac) joints are two important joints found in the pelvis.  They sit on each side of your spine, and carry the weight of your upper body during standing and walking.  As a result, they undergo a large amount of stress. With time, this can lead to wearing of the joint, causing inflammation and pain. The diagnosis is sacroiliitis.  Symptoms associated with sacroiliitis include pain in lower back (L5) or buttocks, and can go into one or both legs. Long periods of standing, walking, or stair climbing will often worsen the pain.

What To Expect With SI Joint Injections
SI joint injections are a quick procedure that can be performed in the office and take less than 15 minutes to perform.  You may require injections in either one or both sides. The injections can be given on the same day, but may require more than one session for complete relief.  You can expect general discomfort at the injection site, with slight pressure as the medication is inserted into the muscle.

During The Procedure
Your injection will be done with x-ray imaging (fluoroscopy) for accuracy.  You will be asked to lie on your stomach on the exam table and remain still during the procedure.  Your skin will be cleaned with a disinfectant. Once the area is numb, we will inject medication that will cause a numbing effect and will help to reduce inflammation.  You will be monitored shortly after the procedure, and will go home after the injection. You can expect some discomfort at the injection site and numbness after the medication is injected.

After The Procedure
You should rest and relax immediately after the procedure.  You can apply ice to the injection site, if you have soreness. You will feel a reduction in pain in 1-2 hours after the injection.  This is due to the anesthetic in the injection. Your pain may return after the anesthetic wears off. You should start to see relief in 3-5 days, though this time may vary.

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